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What we do

Consulting and Engineering

Numerical simulations ​

Assisting clients in all problems related to numerical simulations. In the context of company-specific projects, we develop and combine different implementation-oriented methodologies and techniques.

Technological change

Consulting and scientific companion in research and development projects.  Add to that, we develop client-specific technological concepts within the future projects Digital Twin and Industry 4.0. 

IT service and software development

Providing implementation-oriented framework and tools for various engineering issues.

Exclusive Training

Numerical simulations

Building up or deepening our clients’ knowledge in the field of numerical simulations. In this context, we develop and offer basic customized courses (training courses, seminars and workshops) regarding the formulation, implementation, verification, validation, and applications of numerical methods in a wide range of engineering problems as well as advanced courses regarding the combinations and applications of AI and computational engineering. 

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)

In-depth and extensive training on numerical simulations software. We step-by-step guide my clients until they can carry out high-quality simulations themselves.

Alliances, Outsourcing, and Networking

Helping and counseling our clients in outsourcing operations and technology-related agreements and connecting them to experts that will truly give them a competitive advantage. 

About us​