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Pro DEAN Consulting and Engineering

Pro DEAN Consulting and Engineering has been founded in 2020 as a freelance consulting and engineering service in the engineering market and education sector. 

The consulting has solid and strong research and computational engineering backgrounds and engages know-how in several multidisciplinary areas like research projects, research and technological development, industrial engineering projects, training, and education, among others.


After having served as head for the research group ‘Fatigue’ at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, I leveraged my experience, skills, and knowledge to fulfill a need within the engineering industry as well as the education sector.

In the course of my career to date, I have managed many research and technological development projects in cooperation with the industry. I represented my group in many events and participated in discussions about cutting-edge problems in the industry. It quickly became clear to me that we are moving into a world where we build things at the speed of thoughts. Therefore, a great demand for fast, robust, and reliable computational and IT solutions is evident.

I’m an engineer with two doctorate degrees, in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management from the University of Seville, Spain in 2020, and also in Civil Engineering from the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany in 2017, and currently, I’m associated with the University of Seville as a Visiting Professor. I have pursued my research interests by sharing my expertise with strong and diverse teams of researchers in computational engineering and collaborated with well-known scientists from around the world. In recognition of my research achievements, I was awarded multiple prizes.

Through Pro DEAN Consulting and Engineering, I offer 10 years of interdisciplinary expertise as services in the engineering market and education sector.

Supporting Experts

Scientists, professionals, and institutions who are committed to supporting the activities of Pro DEAN Consulting and Engineering to offer a wide range of engineering and education services.